Cooking School

Fall Class Schedules NOW posted for Adults and Teens as well as younger kids accompanied by an adult.

See Events Calendar for Class Schedule & Registration Information

Why attend our cooking classes?

Bring family, friends and co-workers together in a fun and relaxing environment to learn how to prepare amazing, nourishing meals.

Enjoy the pleasures in life that remind us of a time in our childhood when meals were eaten at a kitchen table and your adventures of the day were shared with your family and loved ones.

Sharing family culinary traditions and tips in a warm and welcoming environment.

Come and learn how to make the perfect pour over, steeped teas, decadent beverages and mock-tails.

So there can be no more excuses – you can make a home cooked meal that is affordable AND takes less than 20 min to prepare.

Everyone needs an evening out with friends, come with the ones you have or come and make NEW Friends!

Why send your children to cooking classes?

Because children Love being creative.

Because children will try more things when they played a part in the preparation.

Because it is our jobs as parents and caregivers to give children the tools to care for themselves.

That being said above, YOU don’t have time to show them OR… YOU don’t know how to cook – so send them and they can cook for YOU!

Share the experience with your children and let us clean up the mess! Sign up for one of our Kids and Me class.

Send your husband with the kids to one of the Kids and Me Class!


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