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There is no ONE way to eat. Every PERSON is different every BODY is different and one person’s FUEL can be bad for another. With all the Dietary advice; pros and cons; theories and ever changing food DANGERS and WARNINGS how does everyone keep it all straight? Are you Vegan, Vegetarian, Occasional Carnivore? Do you follow a Paleo, Mediterranean, Low carb, No sugar, Alkaline diet? It is our mission, to be able to provide something for everyone. When you are too busy and in a hurry getting from one activity to the next with your family, we want you to be able to come into Fuel Your Life Café and grab a homemade snack or meal that is RIGHT for you and your family members. We will always be a work in progress, looking to the community for suggestions and tips on ways to expand and improve on what we offer.

Fuel Your Life Café strives to provide the best in season ingredients and educating our customers on the WHY we use what we do. If Certified USDA Organic; Grass-Fed; Cage Free; No Hormones; Nitrate Free; Unbleached Flour is important to you – please come and see your options. We want to incorporate all of these as much as possible.

Some of us believe that moderation and occasional culinary treats is a healthy approach to living a well Fueled, Joy Filled life. That is what the 90%-10% rule is all about (we will have an entire class available on this theory). That is why you will also find lots of tasty treats when you visit – again, homemade and using wonderful quality ingredients.

Due to extreme Food Allergy issues and serious illnesses like Celiac Disease, we must state that our foods are prepared in a kitchen that individual foods may come into contact with one another due to shared cooking and preparation areas. Thus we cannot guarantee that cross-contact with foods containing gluten and nuts will not occur. We encourage you to carefully consider your choices and your individual dietary needs when purchasing foods with us.

When nuts are used in a recipe it will be clearly marked – ALL Items prepared in house MAY come in contact with nuts.

We intend to carry items made and packaged in NUT FREE and GLUTEN FREE facilities and if that is the case, we will also have it clearly marked. When we offer pre-packaged foods they will be selected for the quality and homemade goodness that we strive for in the foods WE prepare.

Fuel Your Life Café is NOT Fast Food. We are REAL food prepared and presented as fast as we can.

Our Cooking School

Designed to be a place to get back to basics – The key to less stress in your kitchen is knowing the basic techniques for preparing foods. Once you learn the basics there really is no need for a “recipe”. Let your imagination create wonderful unique meals that the entire family will enjoy. We WILL be sharing GREAT recipes but, you will learn to adapt them to YOUR liking and tastes – just because you are missing one ingredient doesn’t mean you need to go to the next page of that cook book!

A lot of our curriculum will be focused on educating the community on how eating REAL unprocessed foods can be easy, fun and tasteful. Skip the pre-packaged – pre-made foods that are full of fillers, preservatives and chemicals that can’t be called REAL food..

Offering Lessons on how making healthier choices whenever possible can change the way we FEEL on a daily basis. Learn how what we put into our bodies, the environment we live in and our daily habits affect our overall health and well-being.

Future Cooking Class topics will also include but not limited to – Food Preparation 101 – Knife Skills – Cooking with Fresh Herbs – Spices – Baking – Decorating – Food Art and Presentation – Planting a Garden – Pour Overs – Cupping Parties.

See our Cooking School Page for Details about the current offerings and what to expect in the future.

We have so much to offer every one of every age. Keep checking our Calendars for class information.


Fuel Your Life Cafe

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